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Dr. Kofinas

Alexander D. Kofinas, MD is Director and founder of KOFINAS PERINATAL. He is on the cutting edge of his field and among the few physicians who have completed the rigorous training to achieve board certification in both ObstetricsObstetrics:
The branch of medicine concerning conception, pregnancy and childbirth.
  & Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM). Dr. Kofinas’ unrivaled access to advanced technologies and latest techniques provides his patients with a distinctive and utterly delightful prenatal experience.

Dr. Kofinas completed his training in MFM at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest, where he kept a full time position for 5 years. He has taught medical students, residents, and conducted extensive research in the PhysiologyPhysiology:
The biological study of the functions of living organisms and their parts.
  of the human myometrium and the mechanism of human labor, as well as conducting pioneering research concerning the fetal cardio and utero-placental VascularVascular:
of or relating to or having vessels that conduct and circulate fluids, such as blood.
  systems. Since his return to NY in 1994, Dr. Kofinas has been exceedingly involved in ongoing fetal research, and is regularly invited to speak at perinatal forums both in the US and abroad. His research has been published in the most authoritative American and international medical journals and textbooks.

Dr. Kofinas’ exceptionalism however, comes from his unparalleled understanding of the fetal PlacentaPlacenta:
A membranous vascular organ that develops in female mammals during pregnancy, lining the uterine wall and partially enveloping the fetus.
 . His unprecedented and unmatched experience with infertility patients has imparted him with an inestimable view at the growth of the fetal PlacentaPlacenta:
A membranous vascular organ that develops in female mammals during pregnancy, lining the uterine wall and partially enveloping the fetus.
  from its absolute earliest stages, allowing Dr. Kofinas to identify and resolve prenatal complications earlier and more effectively than anyone else in his field.

Dr. Kofinas has been selected by the New York magazine as one of the very few "Best Doctors" in the major tristate area eight times in the last 9 years and has been always one of the "Top Doctors" in New York metro area.

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