About Us

shutterstock_160790210 copyAt KOFINAS PERINATAL we view the pregnancy as a dynamic and evolutionary process. We acknowledge its complexity and strive to facilitate the most optimal Intrauterine environment possible in order to guide your child's development during its nine months in utero. We understand that a healthy Placenta , which serves as the nexus of fetal development within the Uterus , almost guarantees a risk-free pregnancy. By focusing most of our attention on ensuring healthy placental development, we have continuously managed to outperform other perinatal care providers in the reduction and/or elimination of complications during the course of our patient’s pregnancies.

KOFINAS PERINATAL is totally committed to you and to the health of your unborn baby.

shutterstock_123707722 copyWe provide optimal care, combining state of the art services, a warm environment, and a compassionate staff. We recognize the emotional frustration, which can often accompany pregnancy complications, and this leads our staff to treat each patient with the understanding and care she deserves. At Kofinas Perinatal, we have long realized that most pregnancy complications arise from an unhealthy placenta. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently identified the placenta as one of the most neglected organs in human medicine.

At Kofinas Perinatal, we have been conducting research on this vital organ for more than 20 years, and have developed unique and successful protocols that help us maximize placental health. Focusing on the placenta is the primary means by which we are able to mitigate risks during pregnancy, and foster the development of a healthy and happy child in utero.