Alexander Kofinas, MD

Dr. Kofinas’ exceptionalism, however, comes from his unparalleled understanding of the fetal Placenta, the most neglected human organ according to an official NIH statement. His unprecedented and unmatched experience with infertility patients has imparted him with an inestimable view at the growth of the fetal Placenta from its absolute earliest stages at five weeks gestation, allowing Dr. Kofinas to identify and resolve prenatal complications earlier and more effectively than anyone else in his field.

Dr. Kofinas has been selected by the New York magazine as one of the very few "Best Doctors" in the major tristate area eight times and has been every year one of the "Top Doctors" in New York metro area according to the New York magazine. In addition, Dr. Kofinas has earned numerous awards as the most compassionate and of the highest quality by other regional and online rating agencies.

The first day I met you I told you a dear friend highly recommended you, referring to you as "God". I shared his expression with you on this day… "I don't believe in god, but I believe in Dr. Alex Kofinas and you will also one day, when your baby arrives".

Dr. Kofinas, you were taken back when I retold this story and even responded modestly with, “Those are high standards to live up to”. My time has come now and I want you to know how much I believe in you in the same way. You have changed my life in every meaningful way possible by helping me bring my son into this world.

The words “Thank You” don't seem like enough to express my deepest gratitude to you. I will talk with my son about you and share with him what an incredibly special doctor and caring person you are that helped bring him to me.

I hope you understand how important you are to so many people and how I will never forget everything you have done for my family and me the past nine months.

Elisa Kane