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The following page is an archive of content.   This page contains  content from the following: "Dr. Kofinas publications" presents all the peer-reviewed research articles authored by Dr. Kofinas; all these articles have been published in the most authoritative American and international obstetrical journals. The section "Kofinas Perinatal Protocols" contains the management protocols that have been developed and are used by Dr. Kofinas. These protocols are unique to our practice and the reason our outcomes are far superior to the outcomes provided by the so-called "standard of care". The section "Pregnancy News" contains news and updates regarding pregnancy-related matters. Finally, the section "Pregnancy Information" presents informative articles regarding various pregnancy related subjects. Dr. Kofinas wrote most of the articles in this section; the remaining articles were authored by various authorities in pregnancy-related matters and were reviewed for accuracy and relevance by Dr. Kofinas.

Abdominal chorionic villus sampling is safe after 9.5 weeks

ACE Gene Polymorphism Pamphlet v.1.0 Web

AFI in Normal and Diabetic pregnancies

AMA Fetal Death

Amnioinfusion in patients with oligohydramnios

Amniotic fluid beta-endorphin in laboring women

Amniotic fluid reduction by amniocentesis and Indomethacin in immature pregnancy with fully dilated cervix

Antibiotic Prophylaxis in obstetrics

Antibiotics in patients with preterm premature rupture of membranes

Apresoline in the treatment of severe hypertension guidelines

April 2010 Myths about Fat and Carbs on Health and Weightloss Part I

Arsenic and Lead in Hyperemesis Gravidarum

ART pregnancy Protocol ver 1 000

Aspirin is safe during pregnancy and lactation

Aspirin Pregnancy Lactation

Atrial Natriuretic peptide in pregnancy and postpartum

August 2010 Edition Essential Fatty Acids Part II

Benefits and risks of gestational fish consumption

Berkley Cellulite Solutions

Beta-endorphin release in response to the stress of labor and delivery

Bleeding during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Breech Delivery

BWS and AS genetic testing for IVF pregnancies

cAMP phosphodiesterase changes in pregnant and non-pregnant human myometrium

Cardio Changes In Pregnancy

Cardiovascular adaptational changes in pregnancy

Cerclage for cervical incompetence Protocol ver 1.005

Cerclage General Information

Cerebellar diameter in diagnosis of asymmetrical fetal growth failure

Cervical insufficiency preterm labor continuum

Cervical length and the risk for premature birth

Chemical toxicants and the unborn 2009

Chondrosarcoma of the uterus

Circadian variation of plasma insulin in gestational diabetes

CMV Patient Info

Comparison of fetal cerebellar measurements by two different technics

Correcting umbilical artery for fetal heart rate is unnecessary

December 2010 Edition Food and Carcinogens

December Healthcare problems 2009

Detection of fetal macrosomia by individual growth curve method

DHA reduces prematurity

Diabetes management protocol ver 1.005

Doppler in Ob Gyn Principles and Practice Chapter in MFM textbook

Doppler in Ob Gyn Principles and Practice ver 1.05

Doppler in Ob Gyn Principles and Practice ver 1.05

Ductus venosus flow reversal in acute fetal heart failure

Effect of Braxton-Hicks contraction on human myometrial functinal asymmetry

Effect of heart rate and fetal activity on Doppler 18-42 weeks

Effect of placental laterality on development of preeclampsia and growth failure

elective cs

Elective induction Economic and Health issues

Elective primary cesarean section

Elective RCD vs VBAC

enoxaparin pregnancy

Epidemiology of Recurrent Miscarriage

Facts about neural tube defects and folic acid

February 2010 Fetal Nutrition Adult Health Part II

February 2011 Edition Cervical incompetence and preterm labor

Fetal death data and graphs

Fetal death rate after 39 weeks gestation in pregnancies at large

Fetal Doppler in management of gestational diabetes

Fetal Nutrition and adult health Transcript DEC 2009

Fetal Pollution Industrial Chemicals EWG 2005

Fetal pulmonary sequestration idiopathic hydrothorax

Fetal tachycardia Letter to the Editor

Flecainide vs Digoxin in fetal supravetricular tachycardia

Ginger The health benefits

Great Obstetrical Syndromes Review

Group B Strep Infections cdc

Guidelines for Group B prophylaxis

Guidelines for Level II ultrasound (targeted anatomical fetal assessment)

Guidlines Level II


Human Gut and Health

Hypertensive Disorders Pregnancy ver 1.005

Ifrared Spectroscopy in monitoring fetal brain perfusion

Ifrared Spectroscopy in real time imaging of neonatal ischemia in piglets

Indomethacin Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool 2010

Indomethacin Procardia Instructions for patients Rev 1.06

Interrelationship of Uterine Artery Doppler in Preeclampsia and Hypertension

Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy v.1.00

January 2010 Edition

January 2011 Edition Poor outcomes in IVF Pregnancies

July 2010 Edition Essential Fatty Acids Part I

June 2010 Truth about Supplements and Vitamins

Kofinas Perinatal Outcomes

Kofinas Perinatal presents vastly improved outcomes in high-risk pregnancies


Management of pregnancies conceived by ART (IVF) ver 1.01

March 2010 Vitamin D health benefits

May 2010 Myths about Fat and Carbs on Health and Weightloss Part II

May 2010 Myths about Fat and Carbs on Health and Weightloss Part II 2

Medrol WIthdrawal schedule

Normal Doppler values Pregnancy

November Obesity 2009

Nutritional and Environmental Exposures in Pregnancy ver 1.01

Obesity in Pregnancy and Beyond

Obstetric and Gynecologic Imaging Protocol

October Thrombophilia Contorversy

Once a Cesarean Always a Cesarean

Oxytocin and Vasopressin response to nipple stimulation

Patient Info Glyburide

Patient Info Heparin

Patient Information about Heparin

Patient information about Prednisone

Pharmacokinetics of Lovenox (enoxaparin) during pregnancy

Physiological adaptation in pregnancy

Placenta and the development of fetal brain

Placenta Location is a random event

Poor outcomes in patients with low PAPP-A

Pregesterone and Estradiol in human myometrium effect on cAMP

Premature Rupture of Membranes Mechanism ver 1.00

Prenatal diagnosis of fetal horseshoe kidney

Preterm Delivery Prevention Education v. 1.01

Preterm Labor Protocol v.1.03

PROM Mechanism

PROM Mechanism ver 1.00

PROM steroids

Proper Use of Steroids in Pregnancy Equipotency Issues

Risk of stillbirth higher after IVF in Pregnancy Information

Septembe 2010 Essential Fatty Acids Part III

Small for menstrual age infant detection by individual curve

Smoking 1

Social deprivation of children premature aging

Some skin and sun basics

Spina Bifida Prevention CDC Rec

Standard of Care Argument

Steroids in Premature Rupture of Membranes ver 1.00

Stillbirth and subsequent poor outcomes

The effect of placental location of Uteine artery Doppler

The role of second trimester ultrasound in the diagnosis of placental thrombosis

Thrombophilia in children

Thrombophilia Labs Interpretation Ver 1.03

THROMBOPHILIA Pamphlet Rev 1.07

Treatment of Hyperemesis gravidarum excessive vomiting during pregnancy

Umbilical cord entanglement in twins detected by Doppler imaging

Umbilical vein varix case report

Uteroplacental Doppler in pregnancies with hypertension or preeclampsia

Vaccine Controversies

Vagina Delivery Anal Incontinence


VBAC Risky Editorial

Vibratory acoustic stimulation effect on Middle cerebral artery

Vitamin D supplementation saves lives 2010 LEF

Vitamin D3 supplementation guidelines

Why LMWH prevents pregnancy complications

Woman's right to refusal