Are pregnancies in patients with infertility history different than pregnancies conceived naturally?

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

There are many reasons why a couple is infertile. Although we tend to categorize infertility according to various causes (male factor, tubal factor, uterine anomalies, ovulatory dysfunction etc.), the truth is that most couples cannot be classified into any unique category. Instead, most couples suffer from multiple factors that are responsible for their fertility problems. Over the years, we have found that with a few exceptions, implantation problems are the most common reason for infertility. In other words, most infertility patients conceive but the embryo is lost due to intrinsic inability to implant into the uterine cavity. The second most common is early miscarriage due to placental failure in the earliest stages of pregnancy. Thrombophilic disorders are present in >98% or infertility patients and in our experience the most important cause of infertility and early pregnancy loss.