I delivered my first baby prematurely because of preterm labor. Can this happen again?

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

Most preterm deliveries are caused directly by poor placental development, which itself is often caused by an underlying and recurrent problem in the mother. This is why patients who delivered prematurely in a previous pregnancy, are as much as 60% more likely to experience a premature delivery in the next. Chronic inflammation of the placenta due to poor placental blood flow and tissue necrosis (tissue death) may cause preterm labor. At Kofinas Perinatal, we are able to reduce the number of preterm deliveries by 50% in both singleton and multiple gestations simply by helping the placenta develop normally and to its full capacity. Early placental development (prior to 12 weeks) is of paramount importance, something that other physicians do not recognize. In addition, our outpatient management of preterm labor with Indomethacin and Ca++ (calcium) channel blockers helps us in our quest against prematurity.