I have lost one baby in the First Trimester (first three months) and I was told that this is normal. Is this true?

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

There is nothing normal about losing a baby in the first trimester. Any woman who lost a baby in the first trimester has a 25% (1 in 4) risk of losing the next pregnancy as well. However, this also means that she has a 75% chance of keeping the baby past the first trimester, so the percentages are still in her favor. If the baby that was lost was her first pregnancy ever, then the risk of losing the next one can be as high as 35%. What is of importance however, is the fact that although the next pregnancy may not be lost, it may be complicated by placenta related issues (growth failure, preterm birth, pre-eclampsia, etc.). The reason for this is that conditions causing pregnancy loss may also cause variable degrees of placental damage, which would in turn lead to the complications mentioned above.