I have thrombophilia and am currently treating it with Lovenox and Aspirin. I am also experiencing bleeding in the first trimester and am afraid that the combination may be dangerous to my pregnancy. Should I be concerned?

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

The answer is no. Most patients go on to have a normal pregnancy as long as they continue their treatment with Lovenox and Aspirin. As upsetting as bleeding is, it is usually just a nuisance whose effects are not detrimental to the either the mother or the babyÕs health. Regardless, 90% of the fetuses we loose in the first trimester are genetically abnormal and not compatible with life. Bleeding in patients with thrombophilia is caused by the trombophiliaÕs effect on the placenta, and this is exactly why we recommend Lovenox and Aspirin, which counteract the bleeding and lead to a safe pregnancy.