shutterstock_70178368At KOFINAS PERINATAL, patient education is of paramount importance, and we are making every effort possible to provide our patients with the tools necessary to expand their knowledge and understanding of their condition. An educated patient is our best patient. We expect our patients to be fully informed about their problems and actively participate in the decision-making process as we together walk down the healing path.

In this section, you will find a number of articles as well as other resources that can help you better understand the nature of your pregnancy and further assist you to achieve your goal of a healthy newborn baby.

You can search the website for a multitude of content.  The "Publications Archive" contains a clearing house of peer-reviewed articles, management protocols, and news articles.  You can review this page or the site search will pull up an article relevant to your search.

Dr. Kofinas writes on a regular basis.   The site contains peer-reviewed research articles authored by Dr. Kofinas; all these articles have been published in the most authoritative American and international obstetrical journals.   We also present the management protocols that are unique to our practice and the reason our outcomes are far superior to the outcomes provided by the so-called "standard of care".  On a regular basis, we will also present pregnancy news and updates regarding pregnancy-related matters.  Finally, we endeavor to present informative pregnancy information articles regarding various pregnancy related subjects. Dr. Kofinas wrote most of the articles in this section; the remaining articles were authored by various authorities in pregnancy-related matters and were reviewed for accuracy and relevance by Dr. Kofinas.  Here are some of the latest articles.   You can review all of our  articles here.

In the "Presentationsshutterstock_145718297" section, Dr. Kofinas presents a series of interactive presentations that you can view at your leisure. The purpose of these presentations is to help you by means of an interactive multimedia presentation understand the various conditions affecting pregnancies complicated by high-risk conditions. Most of these presentations are geared towards individuals without a medical background. However, some of the presentations are geared towards medical professionals (obstetrical residents, obstetricians, and Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist) and may be difficult to understand without prior medical knowledge.

In the "Administrative Downloads" section, you can find the office documents that you need to print at home, complete at your leisure and then bring them to the office during your first visit. This will make your visit go faster and not have to wait until the documents are completed.

You may navigate the menu on the top or bottom of this page.  You will also find a search at the top of the page where you can keyword search the entire site.

Note: The information contained in this section is to be used only as general educational material and should not be used in any form for the management of any medical conditions. If you think that you have a medical problem, which may relate to the information presented here, please consult with your physician. You may not distribute any of this information without written permission by KOFINAS PERINATAL.