From Ari Fisch......

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

Dear Doctor,
As you know, born to us 7/10/07 was our son Elazar Fisch****. This, in no small part, is due to your special care and expertise. Throughout the pregnancy I had composed in my head a letter of thanks to you that I would put down on paper as soon as our child was born. It was full of well deserved praise and words of gratitude. I had thought it up and was satisfied with it. Then I saw your bulletin board full of letters. There they were, all the words I was going to use. My first thought was "Damn, I am not original" My very next thought was, "Of course." Of course those words were taken, of course the pouring out of gratitude and the genuine thanks filled the wall. Your work, the work to bring new life to this world, to bring joy to parents who have experienced terrible pain, to bring hope where it may have been lost, is of the noblest work one can do on this earth. Of course I am ever grateful to you but even more so, I am proud to know you. My son and all the generations thereafter owe their existence, in part, to you. When he grows, my son will hear about the great doctor, the doctor who fights against convention, who cares not of politics, who cares only about bringing life, and quality life at that, into this world. As much as any man can be grateful to another, I am to you. Thank you doctor, thank you. I have a son.