From Denise and John

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

Dear Dr. Kofinas,
Words could never express our gratitude for everything you have done for us. Luke Anthony is here because of you…your tireless devotion, your endless knowledge, your God given gift to nurture the unborn.

Never have we met a physician who truly cared, who showed such compassion, who freely gave so much of himself to his work. A man who lives his life following his own sense of deep personal commitment.

I remember driving to your Brooklyn office feeling such anxiety and fear, scared for our unborn baby, and by the time we left Park Slope, as late in the evening as it was, feeling confident and hopeful that everything would be all right. You always made us feel as if you would spend all the time in the world with us if need be, in spite of the fact that you had a full waiting room. You took the time to not only explain everything that was happening but to say an encouraging word. You always made us feel more hopeful and better able to face the challenges that lay ahead for us. You were there for us as we faced some very difficult times and heart ache.

When your office opened in Garden City we felt as if you provided a haven for us to come and get a glimpse of our baby, where we saw him thrive under your care. We felt a tremendous sense of comfort in knowing that you were with us during this very critical time.

God answered our prayers by giving us our son and allowing us to find you. We feel truly blessed. We know that God is doing some of his finest work through you. You have “the gift”…You are a man who has a calling that is so pure and so very important.

The medical profession and people like us are tremendously fortunate to have a physician like yourself. One person can truly make a difference, and you did, and we just wanted to let you know that we’ll always be grateful.

God bless you and thank you,
Denise and John