From Elana and Avram

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

Dear Dr. Kofinas,

It's been almost seven months since the birth of our beautiful daughter Rebecca. Each day, as we watch our perfect princess grow, we thank G-d for the precious gift He has given us, and we thank G-d for bringing us to you Dr. Kofinas.

We thank G-d for bringing us to a medical genius whose innovative thoughts are ahead of his time. A scientist with the conviction to pursue his ideas and turn medical theories into thousands of miraculous results.

We thank G-d for bringing us to a man full of warmth and compassion. After all the pain and suffering we went through, you gave us true hope. Before you, there was doubt...but you gave us confidence that we would once again experience the joy of a baby. You guided us. You held our hand every step of the way.

There are no words that can properly express how we feel about you Dr. Kofinas. You gave us a gift no one else could and you did it in a manner that few others would. True, "a medical genius full of warmth and compassion" is a fitting description. But that's really not enough. You are more than that to us. We thank you for our Rebecca. You are a special person. A true friend.

With much admiration and appreciation,

Elana & Avram Weis...