From Jennifer and Chuck Suf...

Four Eyes Productions

Dear Dr. Kofinas, Dr. Nguyen, Diane, Stacey, Zoe, Effie, Christine, Jennifer, and Georgia

How do you begin to thank someone for changing your life? For finding an answer to such a long painful ordeal and for placing the baby you thought you would never have safely in your arms? There are no words adequate enough to thank you all. To you it was your job but to my husband and I it was nothing short of miraculous.

It has been one whole year since our son Charles Daniel was born and every day since you have all been in our hearts. After six miscarriages, endless tears and countless doctors telling us to “relax” and “miscarriages are common” you Dr. Kofinas were the only person who found the problem. You with an extensive blood panel pinpointed an easily detectable thrombosis problem and changed our lives forever.

Charles is a beautiful, active, happy baby- I cannot imagine life without him. The care you all gave me and “cheeks” as Diane used to call him was amazing. Anxiety disappeared with every visit and I will never forget you telling me to stop looking at HCG levels and focus on the baby. “We have a baby and we are going to get it here safely”.

It is no secret to you by now that I have recommended several people to you and I hope in some small way helped to ease the pain for other women who have the same issue.

We are today and will always be so grateful to you for our son, for giving us hope and understanding how scared we were to experience another loss. I think of you every time he smiles at me and every time I see Rebecca with her little brother. She will have a sibling long after we are gone and we owe that to you.

We heard about you years ago in a playground, my husband was speaking to one of the ladies there who had learned we suffered another loss. She told my husband your name and simply this “He works miracles”.

No words were ever truer than those and I cherish the miracle you gave to me.

It is more than just a job- you change lives.

All out love and thanks

Chuck, Jennifer, Rebecca


Charles “Cheeks” Suffel