From Madlena and Igor

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

Dear Dr. Alex Kofinas:
We are writing this letter today to attempt to express all of the gratitude that our family has to you, to your staff, and to your uncanny dedication to help save as many unborn babies as possible. We were lucky enough to meet with you at the most unfortunate opportunity. My wife and I had just left her high risk pregnancy specialist after learning the news that we were in jeopardy of losing our first child due to as he described unforeseen and unexplained reasons. Even though he had ordered and administered a number of expensive and thorough exams including an "amnio" all that were performed over a number of weeks while our baby girl was slowly suffocating to death with a steady reduction of Amniotic fluid, as we have come to learn from you that could only mean a Placenta abnormality. After specifically, asking our high-risk specialist what steps should be taken to attempt to correct this condition and save this precious child we were given a nonchalant "we will just keep monitoring, and simply hope for a correction" that was not good enough from a medical "specialist"; we asked to be referred to you by a number of friends of ours, and thankful patients of yours. After, our first consultation you said to us the worst thing that we ever expected to hear from and also the best thing that we could have gotten us through what we were about to go through emotionally and physically. You told us straight from your heart without any sugarcoating that Madlena's Placenta had deteriorated, that the baby already suffered extensive damage, and that you would not be able to help. Most doctors would have seen this to be an opportunity to earn a few more dollars by stretching the inevitable truth out over a few more visits, but you hugged my wife as she was all in tears and assured us that the next pregnancy would be an utter success. Our previous specialist did not even offer us a Kleenex!!!
Dr. Kofinas from that day forward my wife could not get out of our minds the level of confidence that you had for the next time we would be lucky enough to get pregnant again. Thank God you came into our lives because four months later my wife got pregnant with our son Leonard. We followed your advice to an exact science, and everything went as smooth as possible just as you had promised and assured us that it would on that very first 4 months earlier.
The level of service that your staff gave to my wife is unheard of in our hustle and bustle society but they went to great lengths to make sure she was comfortable and well taken care of in every which way possible. My wife, would rush to her appointments every two weeks, you would make her feel as comfortable as possible, thank God for people like you in this world.
I believe it is God-sent that we stumbled upon you, and a great shame to our population that more people in the medical society do not listen to your findings in this matter, and there are too many babies dying because of their closed minds. Leonard came out as perfect as possible no complications no unwarranted surprises, healthy and a beautiful six pound fourteen ounce twenty inch long baby boy. Thanks to you this has turned out to be the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever imaginable. Every time we look at him we cannot believe what our world would be like if God had not sent you to us.
God Bless You Dr. Alex Kofinas!!!!!!!!!!