From Peter & Claudia

Alexander Kofinas M.D.

Dear Dr. Kofinas,

You are in our thoughts all the time. When we think of how you saved our daughter’s life our hearts are filled with joy. We cannot thank you enough. Every time we look at her beautiful smile we think of what you did for us. If it wasn’t for you we may not have had this angel in our life. You are an extraordinary doctor and we cannot say enough good things about you. We trusted you with our unborn child’s life and it’s all thanks to you that she is with us today.

We remember you telling us of your trip to Greece and the baby that died from a hematoma. It was so ironic how this happened to us when you came back from doing so much research on it. We know of women who have miscarried because of blood clotting and we can’t tell you how upset it makes us knowing that this could have happened to us. But thanks to you we were very lucky, and Samantha was born.

We would also like to thank your staff, especially Jennifer, Christina, Irena and Olga. Thank you girls so much. You were always very caring, friendly and comforting especially during the stressful times when we had the CVS and then again for the amnio in the 36th week. You are wonderful and you made us feel comfortable knowing that you were keeping such a close watch on our unborn child’s development. Christina, we are especially thankful to you for first spotting the hematoma and bringing it to the doctor’s attention. We miss being pregnant and coming to your office. The best part of being pregnant was coming in for the sonograms and seeing how she was growing.

Samantha is 6 months and weighs over 15 pounds. She is perfect. She is such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing. She is our little miracle.

We are eternally grateful for all you have done for us and when Samantha is old enough to understand we will tell her the story of how Dr. Kofinas saved her life.

Peter & Claudia