From Shannon & Brodie...

Four Eyes Productions

Dear, Dr. Alexander Kofinas 

Firstly, I apologize that this letter took nearly 7 months to finally reach you. Most importantly, a simple ‘Thank You' just doesn't seem sufficient. There aren't enough words to describe our gratitude towards you. We couldn't even fathom the thought of where our lives would be if we hadn't found you. Through such a trying couple of months prior to our first consultation with you, we were devastated, exhausted, and losing all hope. We sat with you a little over a year ago, and you somehow confidently made it all seem possible. Leaving your office that day had us feeling like we had just hit the jackpot. We felt safe, cared for, and hopeful. We knew we were in the best possible hands 

Only 2 months had passed from our first meeting with you and starting the protocol until we found out that we were pregnant. We were excited, yet extremely nervous given our history. You eased our nerves almost instantly. Your abundant amount of expertise and experience is beyond fascinating. We looked forward to each and every visit for the opportunity baby develop, and to be able to talk to you and ask questions from "What exactly do the intra-lipids do?" to "Where can we find the best olive oil?”. (And then sending my husband into Astoria to retrieve it) Seeing our baby on the screen, hearing her heartbeat, and listening to your ways of explaining an array of knowledge was indescribable. We never wanted to leave, yet leaving your office each time made us more excited than the last. 

You and your staff were always so beyond accommodating, compassionate, and eager to help. You were all pleased to take the time to sit with mę/us and review everything very thoroughly as if I were the only patient to tend to

It couldn't have been more fitting that I gave birth to our daughter during the holiday season. It is at times hard to believe that we hold our baby girl in our arms. A moment we thought we might not get to experience. A moment you made possible. A moment we will never take for granted

For you, we are beyond grateful. Grateful to have met you, and we will be forever. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are enjoying each and every minute with our daughter, Ella. Yet, we are looking forward to visiting you again in the near future for baby #2. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. The admiration we have for you is insurmountable. I miss you all

With love, admiration, and gratitude,

Shannon & Brodie Besemer